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Gacha Club is a character customization and role-playing game (RPG) on mobile devices. After being released in June on Android, the game is now available on iOS. You can Customize Different Characters with Your own Creativity.

Using the Gacha Club app You can make your mini-movie, music video, reaction video, etc.

Now we’re going to give Tips and Tricks on how to make a good Gacha Club Mini-Movie!


1. Step 1 – Think of What Movie want to make. So, put a lot of thought into making movie scripts.

2. Step 2 – Make the Characters. Make attractive using different colors and choose head, hair, eye, clothes, etc.

3. Step 3 – Create the first scene. Select the first scene and choose a good background for it. Put the characters in. Make sure to choose good poses with expression, make sure only one person talks at a time, and make sure people open their mouths. Nobody can talk with mouths closed! and continue that process for the whole video.

5. Step 5 – Add custom backgrounds. To do this, create the scene you want, exactly how you’d create it with backgrounds in the game, but make the background green. Then, download the background you which want.

Put the screenshots in a video and export it (making sure it’s on time with the movie) and add the background into the final video, then, put the video on top of the background, Use Chroma Key to remove the green background. Move the characters as freely as you’d like!

6. Step 6 – Editing video. After you finish the screenshots, go to your editor. Add your intro in (optional) and add all the screenshots, and then sound effects on your movie scene and music you want.

7. Step 7 – Tine up the screenshots, sound effects, music, and dialogue. This is the difficult and time-consuming part, making sure the screenshots line up with the sound effect and music. Make all the sound effect is line up with your screenshot and character expressions.

8. Step 8 – Adding effect. When your character transforms, add a white fade in fade out, like a bright light that happens during a transformation. Or say your character is glitching.

9. Step 9 – Complete the video. Put your Channel outro if you want and Export.

10. Step 10 – Finally upload your Gacha Club mini-movie on youtube by selecting your file.

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  1. Ppl are saying thwey love gacha,their really just sqying they love the gacha pull character thingy which is what the name means,and no hate,i do this alot like i make GC vids and never post them,now i hVe no data on ths
    Ese anymore and ive finnaly made my mind to do it and my device has no space,btw if you cant screenshot,use certain apps that record or capture the screens image,that can also work,a common one ppl use are ‘Mobizen’

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